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   What is Kinesiology?   

Kinesiology is a game-changing modality that utilises the body’s innate intelligence to facilitate self-healing. It combines a gentle muscle monitoring technique with eastern wisdom, western understanding of anatomy and physiology and the belief that we are subtly aware of how to heal ourselves.


Our bodies do an extraordinary job of keeping us healthy. However, when we suppress our emotions and subconscious survival responses, the build-up can manifest as physical warnings of overload such as pain, illness, and fatigue.


A kinesiologist uses muscle testing to gather information from your subconscious, to understand the causes of stress in your life. The capacity to explore different stressors on this level makes it is possible to work on a diverse range of physical, mental, emotional issues including:


Hormonal Imbalances

Digestive Issues

Learning Difficulties


Personal Relationships



Goal Setting

Physical Endurance and Sports Performance

Career and Finances


Once we understand the core issues holding you back in life, a range of non-invasive healing techniques are used to help re-balance and move forward. Some of the gentle healing tools you might experience in your session include:


Flower Essences

Essential Oils

Sound Vibration

Affirmation Statements 

Chakra and Meridian Balancing


Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping



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